Solar charging station to fight poverty in Central America

Dear Visitor,

we are glad about your interest in our work and we like to introduce you quickly to SalvaSol and how you can contribute to poverty reduction and social integration in Central America.


Our starting point

More than four years ago we have transferred our idea into practice:

  • We wanted to contribute something to the poverty reduction in Central America – by creating a product that finances itself within one year and that increases the quality of life of the users drastically
  • We wanted to create a product that is environmentally friendly and based on renewable energies
  • We objected to the idea of giving the product for free to potential users - instead we even wanted to create local jobs with our idea
  • We wanted to integrate intellectually disabled people into the manufacturing of the product - in this way they can substantially contribute to family income and earn more respect in society
  • We wanted to realize our idea formally through an enterprise, to demonstrate that enterprises can also be socially responsible and a model for others


The product


“SalvaSol Básico” is a small and mobile photovoltaic charging station working on solar power, targeting rural households lacking connection to the power grid. The product can be charged using a 5W-solar panel and it is able to operate an LED Lamp for up to 15 hours, charge cell phones (communication), power a radio (access to information) and charge AA or AAA batteries for the use in flashlights and radios.

SalvaSol Básico is sold only as a Kit that comprises the following components beside the main product: 5W-solar panel, radio with cable, multi-charger for cell phones, two rechargeable batteries type AA, a small LED-flashlight and a carrying bag for product and accessories.

The main product as well as the carrying bag are manufactured with collaboration of intellectually disabled youths.


Key benefits of the product356

As the product is only sold as a kit with all accessories needed, the users – generally rural households of extreme poverty and without electricity - save all previous costs on:

  1. Candles or kerosene for lighting (apr. 12-15 US$ per month)
  2. Recharging cell phones in cities/villages with electricity (apr. 2-4 US$ per month)
  3. Disposable batteries for flashlights and radios (apr. 2-4 US$ per month)


  • School performance of youths and children increases due to extended illumination during the night time and access to information (radio & cell phone)
  • Families get opportunities of additional income for their shops or small businesses (agriculture) through light and increased use of cell phones (without walking 2-3 hours to the next city/village with electricity)
  • There is a significant decrease of respiratory and ocular diseases (abandoned smokes) as well as accidental fires by kerosene lamps and candles
  • Environmental pollution gets limited by reducing CO2-emissions and the use of disposable batteries.
  • Families can be informed much better about approaching thunderstorms or other catastrophes by radio


Our enterprise and our employees with intellectually disability

The enterprise, which is registered in San Salvador, was founded by two German engineers living in El Salvador. Both work honorary for the company and do not pursue economic interests with their engagement. The main objective is to help with the product(s) a maximum of poor families in Central America and to employ at the same time many people with intellectually disability.

We refused consciously to found a NGO or foundation; instead we founded a “real” enterprise in order to show the society in Central America that  poverty reduction and social integration must not be in contradiction with a market based enterprise.


Today we have four permanent employees (among them one employee with intellectual disability) and about ten youths with intellectually disability collaborating. The main part of the youths work in the sewing studio where the carrying bags for the product are manufactured. The other youths work on our main product, comprising all manufacturing steps like soldering, quality control, boxing or marketing. The youths get paid for the work and contribute in this way to their family income. They are very proud of their job - leading to a better integration into society with more respect.

To get a better impression of our project please watch the following video, in Spanish with english subtitles:


What is the price of the product and how can poor families finance it?

The product costs about 160 US$ including all accessories. It enables the families to create monthly savings from about 15 to 20 US$ - money that was formerly spent in kerosene, candles, charging cell phones and disposable batteries.

We have a cooperation with a local bank in El Salvador which offers for 10% of annual interest a micro credit for all those families who cannot pay 160 US$ in cash. The monthly installments of the loan ranges from 12 to 14 US$ and is clearly beneath the actual costs of the poor families for "energy" (compare above).

We try to avoid “giving” products to families in need. In this way peoples´ dignity is protected and the feeling of “self-financing” is supported.  This is very important with regard to product handling and maintenance which includes a yearly battery exchange (8 US$). Without substantial financial contribution, families often don´t worry about products or resell them immediately.

Therefore, we especially welcome donors who share the same philosophy as we do – demanding a notable own contribution of the families with regard to the “donated” products.


How to help?

Picking up the suggestion from above, we have created a possibility to donate “two-thirds” of a product for a family of extreme poverty - which was not qualified for a micro credit or does not have enough cash. The other third of the product price has to be raised obligatorily by the family. As many families in Central America live with a daily income of 2 US $ or less, an own contribution of more than 50 US$ is of course very high (= income of 1 month), but at the same time it guarantees adequate product handling and maintenance.

The “2/3-purchase” can be realized through our website:

Click here to go to the online payment system  2CheckOut to realize your purchase. 354

Ater receiving your order, we look for a suitable family for “your” solar charging station “SalvaSol Básico“. As soon as the family has paid its own contribution, the product will be handed over and the family receives training on handling and maintenance. Thereafter you will receive a short report about the family and their living conditions.

You can of course also donate for our employees with intellectual disability or support our work in general. Please contact us therefore directly by phone or email.

Important notice: Wir sind ein sozial orientiertes Unternehmen, können somit keine Spendenquittungen oder Ähnliches ausstellen. Jedoch sichern wir Ihnen zu, dass 100% ihrer Gelder für den Kauf des Produktes verwendet werden und damit nicht nur armen Familien ein neues Leben ermöglichen, sondern auch einen Beitrag zur gesellschaftlichen Integration geistig behinderter Menschen in Mittelamerika leisten .


A commitment guaranteed by our name!

Rainer Mutschler-Burghard and Alexander Wolf


In case you need additional clarification, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone 00503- 2248-1058 or email:




Das Produkt

SalvaSol Básico ist eine solare Ladestation und mobile LED-Lampe, die mit einem kleinen 5 Watt-Photovoltaik Modul geladen wird. Das Produkt bietet neben bis zu 15 Stunden Licht in 2 Stufen auch einen Anschluss für ein kleines

Transistorradio (Zugang zu Information), einen Anschluss um jedwedes Handy zu laden (Kommunikation) sowie eine Möglichkeit Akku-Batterien

des Typs AA und AAA wiederaufzuladen.

SalvaSol Básico wird nur als Kit verkauft, welches neben dem Hauptprodukt folgende Komponenten umfasst: 5-W Photovoltaik-Modul, Transistorradio mit Kabel, Multi-Adapter zum Handyladen, 2 wiederaufladbare Akku-Batterien Typ AA, eine kleine Taschenlampe sowie eine

Transporttasche für Produkt und Zubehör.

Das Hauptprodukt sowie die Transporttasche werden unter umfangreicher Mitarbeit von geistig behinderten Menschen produziert.

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